3 out of 4 consumer buying decisions are made at the point of purchase

We’ve been creating exciting product brands for our clients since 2003. From food & beverage to beauty & cosmetics to consumer electronics, our brands grab consumers’  attention and earn their trust.

We research your market and determine what makes customers buy. Then we design your brand to position you at the top. The result: Sales. See our body of work, and contact us for your next brand launch.

Product Branding

Brand identity. Package Design. Copywriting. We understand Consumer Packaged Goods and how brand elements work together to deliver the promise the brand makes.

We’ll help you determine what makes consumers choose products in your category, and position you to target those consumers.

Package Design

Hero shots: Slick product photos shot to make your product look magnificent.

Only this image is not a photo. It is a computerized image modeled in 3D to look photo-real. Modeling products in 3D gives us the flexibility to make changes in texture and lighting and to show your product in its best light.

Ad & Print Campaigns

Our background is advertising. We started out in the trenches where copyrighting, photoshoots and graphic design had to work together to create emotion and move people. So you can be sure our designs will reflect the promise of your brand.

Product Visualization
IDY Sliders 2015_Tuckaroo Hero Slider 1920X1080

All of the product images you see on our site are computer generated – no photography is used. Modeling your product in our virtual 3D studio allows us to change label designs, camera angles, and lighting, until we get just the perfect shot.

We also composite your product against live backgrounds to look photo real.

Expertise Level

Consumer Research
Ad Campaigns
Package Design
Product Visualization

Smart Design for Smart Consumers

Consumers are more educated than ever before. They make informed buying decisions and are loyal to their favorite brands. A brand’s trust is earned by delivering on its promise. At I.D.Y. Creative we understand these critical principles.

Our creatives and designers combine industry market data with 25 years of experience to create memorable and trustworthy brands for products in food & beverage, beauty & cosmetics, consumer electronics and other sectors.


Our Work

What Our Clients Say

  • IDY Creative provided an array of services that matched our morphing project needs, from product packaging and rendering, to website design templates. The branding & packaging ideas were consistent and creative, the work turn-around breathtakingly speedy, and the price-point better than average. I've worked with Steve on numerous occasions, some with difficult client team members, yet he remained the consummate professional. Highly recommended!

    Elle Mahoney
    Elle MahoneyArea Developer & Franchise Owner, Orangetheory Fitness
  • IDY Creative added a tremendous amount of creative output and value to my company. Steve possesses a great creative vision with a unique ability to provide deliverables while meeting the needs of a demanding client base - he is flexible and was always a pleasure to work with. It is evident that client satisfaction is a big priority to both him and his firm. I highly recommend IDY Creative.

    Jeffrey Akin
    Jeffrey AkinSenior Sales and Business Development Executive / Entrepreneur
  • IDY Creative's competencies rival some of the top agencies in  the country. We have won numerous design and packaging awards based on their designs and finished products. Steve is a excelent visionary when it come to product and package design.

    Stacy Kaufman
    Stacy KaufmanPresident, Performance Brands

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The ultimate guide to building your brand

With over 30 years of combined experience, I.D.Y Creative is one of Florida’s leading product branding and packaging design companies. We offer a full array of services including product branding, package design, ad and print campaigns, and product visualization for various industries.

Our qualified staff is committed towards providing comprehensive marketing solutions to make your brand stand out. Be it product packaging or website design templates, we have something in store for your brand. Combining our designers creative ideas with state-of-the-art technology, we develop memorable brands to grab the attention of your target audience, delivering efficient and timely solutions that cater perfectly to your product’s branding needs every time.

The Smoke Stop Story

Product visualization is a critical part of marketing. More and more companies are ditching the tedious prototypes and expensive photography in favor of 3D visualization. Let us model and render your product or POP display in all its glory.