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Bring your product idea to life

Do you need to see a visual of your product – even before it’s made? Ditch the prototyping and expensive photographer and let I.D.Y. Creative create a stunning, photo real digital image – even if your product is just a dream. Whether you are in the process of developing a new product, or need a facelift for an aging one, our 3D modelers and imagine experts will create a stunning photo realistic visual of your product, otherwise known as a “hero shot”. Our product visualization rivals even the best product photography in the industry.

3D Rendering Beats Photography!

We understand how daunting it can be to take a product idea from idea to paper, from CAD to prototype. Most prototypes don’t represent the final product, and show visual flaws. Our 3D modelers give shape to product ideas and concepts in 3D space, and texture and light them in our virtual photography studio. This digital process ensures you see your product in all its glory as quickly and efficiently as possible – without the delays and expense of traditional photography.

We use state-of-the art design software and techniques to transform your ideas into a reality. Developing products in the 3D studio allows our clients to make changes to the label, geometry and even lighting and camera angles quickly and easily, without having to re-hire a photography studio.

Photo Real “Hero Shots”

I.D.Y Creative’s product visualization services are aimed at delivering highly accurate modeling while allowing for changes and updates during product development. We create 3D models and virtual prototypes, and apply our award winning label designs to deliver ultra photo real product visuals. Modeling your product in our virtual 3D studio enables us to make changes to label designs, camera angles, and lighting until we get just the perfect shot. To make it look more realistic, we can also composite your product with live backgrounds.

The best team to deliver the best customer experience

Our experienced staff listens to your thoughts, concepts, and needs and then evaluates all design options with you. We create computer-generated product visuals. At this stage, you get a sense of the look and feel of the product. You can make any changes you want to its design, color or performance before it hits the market.

Furthermore, our staff is well-versed in 3D technology and knows the ins and outs of product design. They are available round the clock to offer valuable advice and suggestions to help you build a powerful product for your consumers. Ultimately, we want to deliver the best possible experience to you with optimal product design.

All of these images are computer generated – no photos here. We model your product and package, then render it to look stellar.